2018-11-26 Radioshow “90 segundos de Ciência”, Antena 2, Episode 501  – Sea urchin tube feet hold the secret for the development of biocompatible adhesives link


2018-04-28 TV show “Biosfera”, RTP2, Biomimicry: The science of sustainability link


2017-07-21 Radioshow “Planeta Mar”, Antena 2, Sea urchin inspired biological adhesives link


2016-12-10 Radioshow “Dias do Futuro”, Antena 1, Bioadhesives link


General public

2021-09-13 Opinion paper “O mar é uma grande loja de ideias inovadoras” published at WhattsOn. read more




2020-03-30 During COVID-quarantine times MARE proposes activities to stimulate children at home. Here is an activity proposed by our research group – make beautiful sea stars and sea urchins with molding paste and toothpicks. read more



28-09-2018 European Researchers Night 2018; The city of the future: between the river and the sea.



2018-05-22 The Sea from High to LowPavilhão do Conhecimento; Expo’98’s 20th anniversary celebration


29-09-2017 European Researchers Night 2017; The city of the future: between the river and the sea.




2021-10-09  Oficina online “Biomimetismo” – Seminário Coastwatch 2021 “Um Mar de Oportunidades”, duration: 2h, 13 teachers, accredited by Order of Biologists; Trainers: Romana Santos.


2019-10-25 Workshop “INCORPORAR A LITERACIA DO OCEANO NA ESCOLA: ondas de mudança nas práticas experimentais” , duration: 16h, 20 teachers, accredited by Order of Biologists; Trainers: Maria João Moura Botelho da Silva Correia, José Lino Vieira de Oliveira Costa, Romana Lopes Almeida dos Santos and Miguel Pessanha Pais.


2019-10-25 Workshop “A sea of ideias” , duration: 1h30, 20 teachers, accredited by Order of Biologists; Trainers: Romana Santos e Luísa Aurélio


2017-11-25 Seminar “Mar High Tech – Nature based innovation”; Training Action “Ocean literacy in an interdisciplinary approach – support to activity planning”; duration: 1h30, 20 teachers; accredited by Training Centre Calvet Magalhães; Trainer: Romana Santos.


2017-11-17 Workshop “Mar High Tech”, duration: 1h30, 20 teachers, accredited by Order of Biologists; Trainers: Romana Santos e Luísa Dâmaso.



2017-05-05 Seminar “Marine Biotechnology: new sea urchin-inspired adhesives for biomedical applications”; duration: 45min; 3rd Sea ​​Teachers Conference; Trainer: Romana Santos.



2020-02-27 We received the visit of 26 students from 10th grade from Forte da Casa Secondary School (Vila Franca de Xira). They participated in the new activity “BioTech: a sea of ideas ” in the frame of MARE educative program. First they had the opportunity to learn more about Biomimicry and Blue Biotechnology with Luísa Aurélio that visited their school and then they came to our lab to learn a little bit more about our research and meet the researchers. read more



2020-01-17 We received the visit of 20 students from 6th grade from Colégio St. Julians (Carcavelos). They learned more about sea urchins biology and physiology, as well as, sea-urchin inspired products. 



2019-07-22 to 2019-07-26 Be a scientist 2019; 1-week project “Sea urchin-inspired bioglues: myth or reality?; 12th grade students; FCUL.


2019-05-08 FCUL Open Day 2019; Demonstrations and games; 10th to 12th grade students.



2018-07-23 to 2018-07-27 Live Science in the Laboratory 2018“Marine Biology: from the field to the laboratory”; 1-week project 10th to 12th grade students.


2018-05-09 FCUL Open Day 2018; Visit to MARE’s laboratories; 8th to 12th grade students.


2017-07-17 to 2017-07-22 Live Science in the Laboratory 2017“Marine Biology: from the field to the laboratory”10th to 12th grade students.


2017-06-14 to 2017-06-17 “My first experience in the world of work”; Colégio Valsassina; 1-week project 10th grade students



2017-05-03 FCUL Open Day 2017; Visit to MARE’s laboratories; 8th to 9th grade students.